Exercise Tips for Working Mums

With the constant pressure of everyday life, working out and training regularly is difficult for a working mother. The stress of the office coupled with the stress of taking care of the family makes it impossible to stick to our long term weight loss goals.

Having said that, I try not to let stress become an excuse for skipping my training! Everyone of us has 24 hours in the day, surely we can fit some training into half an hour of the 24? We brush our teeth, shower and wash our hair everyday. Why is it you do these things. Simple really, they’re part of our daily routine. We know failing to brush our teeth will lead to tooth decay. Similarly, if we neglect to shower we’ll develop all manner of hygiene issues. Guess what, if we don’t exercise regularly we become fat.

It’s wrong to use the lack of time as an excuse. Let’s be totally honest, we don’t like to exercise. We don’t know where to start. Either way, this article will hopefully help you acheive your goals.

Tip One – Team Up

Find a partner to train with. Working out by yourself is not an enjoyable experience. However, having a friend nearby to chat with helps motivate you. Chances are, soon you’ll start to look forward to your regular training sessions! If you know another working mother with identical fitness goals as you recruit her to the cause.

Tip Two – Tune In

Get an MP3 player. Fill it with your favourite most motivational music and take it to the gym with you. This is an absolutely amazing way to kick the boredom out of your training routine!

Tip Three – Do What Makes You Happy

Don’t force yourself to do what you hate. Find a group of exercises and machines that you’re comfortable using. Constantly running through the same hated routine is a sure fire way to force yourself back into old habits.

Tip Four – Start Slowly

Don’t throw on your trainers and expect to run a full marathon. Small battles win the war. It’s best to start easy and gradually build up your exercise routine. Fifteen or twenty minutes a day is plenty to start with. As your body becomes accustomed to the new stresses you place on it you can step up the intensity levels and push on to longer sessions.

These simple tips will do wonders for your continued exercise successes.

Best of Luck!

Faith-Based Weight Loss Programs

Im not a religious man. But there are days when I have experiences that I cant explain. I become filled with wonder and I may ponder the idea of being part of something greater then myself. Im not of any specific faith, but I think its good to have faith in something.

Those that have found faith in some kind of divinity have an advantage when it comes to weight loss because they can choose a program that will incorporate their faith. This is very powerful. Not only do I respect this choice, for those who have faith I endorse it. When religion is applied to achieving positive action whos to complain? If you can benefit in a healthy way from your faith, I want to support you 110%. And Im not the only one, there are many faith based weight loss programs.

In North America one popular program has helped over 100,000 people and 5,000 churches to shed pounds. This program focuses around accountability, prayer, devotions, and is centered around the nutritional plan of the American Dietetic and Diabetic Association.

Typically these programs have more of a focus on the synergy between health and spirituality. This means many values are taught though the program. Life lessons such as forgiveness, acceptance, pride, self-worth.

If youre not religious but maybe a little bit spiritual perhaps incorporating some yoga into your weight loss program would be good. Yoga is an ancient practice that blends exercise and spirituality. It was originally designed to help mediators stay in shape!

These programs are definitely for those who believe in something greater then themselves, but if your looking for a new way to look at or live life while losing weight you might want to give them a try. You might be surprised by how drastically you shed pounds and effect your internal life.

Best Diet to Lose a Stone

Many of us turn to the latest fad diet when it comes to weight lose, but the latest fad diet is not the best diet to lose a stone in weight.

Your best chance of losing a stone is to ensure you are in calorie deficit. And the most obvious way of doing this is to reduce your calorie intake to lose weight. That is, changing your diet to reduce your calories and eat the right calories.

The best diet to lose a stone

There are some very simple rules to help you lose weight. First off, you have to cut out junk food, like chocolate, cake, sweets, fizzy drinks, crisps, etc, or at least limit them to the very occasional treat (there is nothing wrong with the odd treat!).

Then you have to reduce you starchy food intake. This means eating less bread, pizza, pasta, rice, potatoes, and the like. These tend to be really high in calories, and if you don’t burn of these calories they will be converted to fat. The average woman requires 2000 calories per day to sustain all her bodily functions and physical needs. A man is slightly more at 2500 calories.

The best diet to lose a stone would be to follow the rules above (cut out junk food and reduce starchy food intake) so that your calorie intake is less than these average daily requirements.

Eating less than these amounts will ensure you are in calorie deficit, and calorie deficit leads to weight loss. This is because, to make up the difference between the calories you eat and the calories you body needs to sustain itself, your body will literally eat in to your fat reserves. It will slowly cannibalise your fat!

In 1 pound of human fat there is very close to 3500 calories of energy, so a daily calorie deficit of 500 calories will help you lose 1 pound per week. So if you make sure you consume 500 calories less than your average daily requirement, then you will lose around 1 pound per week.

You shouldn’t really cut your calories by more than 500 calories a day. If you do you will start to feel lethargic, and will deprive your body of much need nutrients, like vitamins and minerals. Other was to help you lose a stone in weight

Reducing calorie intake is only one way to achieve calorie deficit. There are another two methods at your disposal. The greater the calorie deficit, the quicker the weight loss.

Increase your general physical activity. This is known as NEAT, of non-exercise activity thermogenesis. It basically refers to all the calories you burn by simple moving around, without specifically exercising. For example, think about all the hours you spend on the phone each week or each month. I bet it is several hours at least. Instead of sitting down with your feet up during these chats, stand up and move around the room. You can burn up to 3 times the amount of calories simply by standing up and moving around.

Try getting off the bus a stop of two earlier, or use the stairs instead of the elevator. There a loads of ways to increase your NEAT and therefore your calorie deficit.

Finally there is good old fashioned exercise. If you add exercise you lifestyle you will really accelerate your weight loss. See how to burn 1000 calories every training session to maximise your calorie deficit. Remember, the greater your calorie deficit the quicker your weight loss.

Awesome Anaerobic Exercise Routines

Professionals are one in saying that the proper kind of workout for people who want to shed weight are those that are anaerobic in makeup. By anaerobic, we refer to a type of workouts that are often conferred alongside with aerobic and flexibility routines. But whereas anaerobic workouts aims on the development of ones staying power shaping his power, and flexibility regiments include enhancing the joints mobility and sturdiness, an anaerobic workout aims to boost ones cardiovascular system, and certainly, prepare ones metabolism to operate at a faster and more efficient tempo.

Metabolism, as many of us understand, is the key to shedding weight. Metabolism is in charge for transforming calories into usable force. A quick metabolism denotes lesser calories that will become unnecessary fat. A gradual metabolism denotes more calories that will make us collect further weight.

Below are some very cool and exciting anaerobic workouts that are sure to aid you unload that added weight.

1. Hip hop dance anareobic exercises. One of the most common workout routines accessible on DVD these days is the Hip Hop Abs chain. Its a compilation of anaerobic exercise workouts where members are trained to dance some hip hop routines that are specifically improved to tone muscles and remove a lot of calories. Reducing weight doesnt have to be as dull as running from one place to another. You can just swing- or sway- to your preferred hip hop or RB song.

2. Step anaerobic exercises. Alongside with tune and a small step, like a simple box solid enough to carry your weight, you can stick to some customary guides for step aerobics. Its like a regular aerobics class, only, you will have to exert more exertion in moving up and moving down the elevated platform. This will be a lot more enticing than merely ascending a flight of stairs.

3. Aqua anserobics exercises. Visualize a common anaerobic session. It can be rather exhausting, right? Not if its carried out in the pool! Aqua anaerobics will combine the bliss of swimming with the advantages of an aerobic workout. The water will put extra pressure against your motions, compelling you to put more energy in accomplishing the steps. This means you will get to shed more weight!

4. Stationary bikes. Latest exericise routines have been improved for still cycling. With the aid of a trainer who will yell when you will have to quicken or slow down your tempo, stationary cycling has become a new craze for todays generation of weight observers.