Best Exercise to Lose Weight

Best Exercise To Lose Weight, Choosing the Right One for You…  Choosing the best exercise to lose weight for you all depends what you prefer to do. What you dislike doing,do you want to be in a membership, and whether or not to buy exercise paraphernalia are all stuff you have to think about as well as  answer for yourself, it really depends on your personnel preference. No one can make you do what you aren’t going to do period.

If you select something that you hate doing, Chances are you won’t keep doing it for long enough to do you any good. Think about it, if you hate lifting weights, you aren’t going to get up an hour early to go lift weights. If you can’t come across something you like to do, select something you dislike the least, which for most folks would be walking.

Walking is The Best Exercise to Lose weight, as it’s suited for all conditions of health.  Everybody can initiate a walking plan at any point, it’s in general the concentration and length of time that you walk that makes the difference.

Walking is also better as a shared work out, as it isn’t complicated to find a partner to chitchat with while you walk.  Finding someone to walk with will help you stay on track because you can encourage each other along the way.

No matter what best exercise to lose weight you decide on, you should start with short intense walks and work your way up to longer stretches as your body becomes used to the activity. If you begin too hard, you could perhaps end up with an injury which will involve taking time off to heel. Which will put you right back at the beginning of your best exercise to lose weight program.

If you don’t think walking is right for you, then you may perhaps want to try a fitness center.  They have many best exercise to lose weight plans you can choose from.

You can even include a personnel trainer if you need guidance with a work out plan. They can answer any questions about the exercise equipment they have that you may want to use. When you decide on a work out facility, make sure to talk to members that are already using that fitness center to find out what kind of service they receive (good or bad) before joining their program. Just know that when joining any fitness center you need to know how well they take care of their equipment.

Keep your ears open when you visit any fitness center for real noisy machines. If you hear lots of squeaking and the equipment looks outdated you may want to look somewhere else.

Witch ever best exercise to lose weight plan you choose, at home or at the gym, it isn’t really getting started that’s hard; it’s the staying with your best exercise to lose weight program when you come up against obstacles and difficulties in your routine, that’s the hard part.

Some folks have a great start at their best exercise to lose weight plan. They will buy sweat suits, gear for the gym, tennis shoes, and a lot of other stuff, so their first day at the gym is roughly like a festival.  As the days go on, they find it easier said than done to meet the demands and their usual routine will more then not slow down a lot and finally come to a complete exercise blunder.

If you still on the fence as what best exercise to lose weight plan is right for you, perhaps you could look in to an easy laid back sport like golf or maybe even tennis. They’re good activities to socialize as well. But if you’re really out of shape then the best way for you to start out is to walk. Start walking and before you know it you’ll be doing the best exercise to lose weight and be prude that you did. But Don’t forget to eat something good for you more then not.

Eat Good

Best Exercise to Lose Weight That Everyone Can Do…

You know the best exercise to lose weight is right under your feet. Have you ever felt like there wasn’t an exercise that you could do to lose and keep off the pounds? You know there has to be a best exercise to lose weight that you can fit in your busy day.

Well I’m here to tell you that you do the best exercise to lose weight everyday.

Walking is by far the best exercise to lose weight. It’s the easiest and most natural form of physical activity. It’s an efficient routine for folks of all ages and all levels of health. You just have to do it more then you do now.

Studies have revealed that regular, brisk stepping can lower cholesterol numbers, raise your circulation, strengthen the heart, and reduce high blood pressure.

Walking on any up hill surface can be great for tightening up and toning your lower body. With the difficulty factor of walking up hill you can also increase your stamina levels for the next best exercise to lose weight activity in my book, swimming. We’ll talk about that in detail in another post but for now I just want to get you moving first.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight…

Let’s look at what just walking at a regular pace on a flat surface can do for you.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight…

Many studies show that walking just 9,000 or so steps a day can burn up to 3000 calories per week. That’s about a pound of fat you can drop naturally every week just by walking.

This is low-intensity walking at that, just walking at work around the office for an accumulated hour a day can burn up to 100 calories for a 100/110lb person, up to 140 calories for a 150 pound person and believe it or not almost 200 for a 200 pound person.

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The American Council on Exercise examined on-the-job actual physical activities of 10 ordinary people in the U.S.; their study showed office secretaries on average walk 4,417 steps per twenty-four hours (2.7 km) as compared to a mail person that walks 18,904 steps (12 km) in the same twenty four hour period.

Based on the same study, office workers unaware of their daily routine barely take 4,000 steps a day. If you put a little thought into it and take the stairs instead of the elevator, or park in the back of the parking lot instead of next to the front door of the building you can increase you steps per day by almost double depending on what floor you work on and how big the parking lot is, and while we’re talking about parking lots, I’m not just telling you to park in the back at work but try to park as far from any building you have to go to, you’ll be surprised at how many more steps you will take in an average day.

The best way to tell and keep track of your steps is to purchase a pedometer (a device that counts your steps). Wear it for a couple days on your normal routine and get an average of the step you take.

Now put some thought in to your day and see how many more steps you can add on at a gradual pace, you don’t need to add 5000 step a day the first day out so take it slow. The bigger someone is and the more they move the more body fat they can drop by regular walking.

Look at Asians from places like Hong Kong or Tieland they have some of the best foods in the world in my opinion and they love to eat a lot of it, but do you see to many fat Asians? Nope because their forced to walk everywhere they go for the most part. If they need something from the market you can bet they’ll be waking there. It’s just in their everyday routine.

Now is the time for you to look at your surroundings and see what you can do to just walk a little more everyday. Anyone anywhere can find a nice park and most cities these days have waking trails that you can take advantage of, you just have to want to do the best exercise to lose weight a little more then you do right now. If your determined to drop the weight you will find a way to increase your steps everyday until you hit at least 10,000.

Perhaps you’re feeling guilty about putting off doing any kind of exercises because you can’t figure out how to fit it into your busy agenda.

Well guess what, you already do you just need to STEP IT UP to a point where it will become a habit. Habits by the way are formed in two weeks, yep just two weeks of doing something and it becomes a habit.

Just remember start slow and work your way to at least 10,000 steps a day.

And remember you’re already doing one of the best exercise to lose weight period.

This low-intensity walking is different from physical fitness walking which experts state is intended to raise the heart rate and help burn a lot more calories. You too can do that after forming the habit of walking more in your everyday routine. Then the physical fitness comes in to increase the amount of weight you can drop and keep off.

Till the next time let me leave you with this You are what you eat, think about it, you can’t eat 5000 calories a day and burn 1000 a day and expect to drop a lot of weight. Just STEP UP the best exercise to lose weight.