Exercise Tips for Working Mums

With the constant pressure of everyday life, working out and training regularly is difficult for a working mother. The stress of the office coupled with the stress of taking care of the family makes it impossible to stick to our long term weight loss goals.

Having said that, I try not to let stress become an excuse for skipping my training! Everyone of us has 24 hours in the day, surely we can fit some training into half an hour of the 24? We brush our teeth, shower and wash our hair everyday. Why is it you do these things. Simple really, they’re part of our daily routine. We know failing to brush our teeth will lead to tooth decay. Similarly, if we neglect to shower we’ll develop all manner of hygiene issues. Guess what, if we don’t exercise regularly we become fat.

It’s wrong to use the lack of time as an excuse. Let’s be totally honest, we don’t like to exercise. We don’t know where to start. Either way, this article will hopefully help you acheive your goals.

Tip One – Team Up

Find a partner to train with. Working out by yourself is not an enjoyable experience. However, having a friend nearby to chat with helps motivate you. Chances are, soon you’ll start to look forward to your regular training sessions! If you know another working mother with identical fitness goals as you recruit her to the cause.

Tip Two – Tune In

Get an MP3 player. Fill it with your favourite most motivational music and take it to the gym with you. This is an absolutely amazing way to kick the boredom out of your training routine!

Tip Three – Do What Makes You Happy

Don’t force yourself to do what you hate. Find a group of exercises and machines that you’re comfortable using. Constantly running through the same hated routine is a sure fire way to force yourself back into old habits.

Tip Four – Start Slowly

Don’t throw on your trainers and expect to run a full marathon. Small battles win the war. It’s best to start easy and gradually build up your exercise routine. Fifteen or twenty minutes a day is plenty to start with. As your body becomes accustomed to the new stresses you place on it you can step up the intensity levels and push on to longer sessions.

These simple tips will do wonders for your continued exercise successes.

Best of Luck!