Faith-Based Weight Loss Programs

Im not a religious man. But there are days when I have experiences that I cant explain. I become filled with wonder and I may ponder the idea of being part of something greater then myself. Im not of any specific faith, but I think its good to have faith in something.

Those that have found faith in some kind of divinity have an advantage when it comes to weight loss because they can choose a program that will incorporate their faith. This is very powerful. Not only do I respect this choice, for those who have faith I endorse it. When religion is applied to achieving positive action whos to complain? If you can benefit in a healthy way from your faith, I want to support you 110%. And Im not the only one, there are many faith based weight loss programs.

In North America one popular program has helped over 100,000 people and 5,000 churches to shed pounds. This program focuses around accountability, prayer, devotions, and is centered around the nutritional plan of the American Dietetic and Diabetic Association.

Typically these programs have more of a focus on the synergy between health and spirituality. This means many values are taught though the program. Life lessons such as forgiveness, acceptance, pride, self-worth.

If youre not religious but maybe a little bit spiritual perhaps incorporating some yoga into your weight loss program would be good. Yoga is an ancient practice that blends exercise and spirituality. It was originally designed to help mediators stay in shape!

These programs are definitely for those who believe in something greater then themselves, but if your looking for a new way to look at or live life while losing weight you might want to give them a try. You might be surprised by how drastically you shed pounds and effect your internal life.