Understanding terminology before buying a mobile phone

You are looking to buy the latest and greatest phone, but just do not understand anything about it, then start learning everything you can about them? Do not know the difference between 3G and 4G or tri-and quad-band, or a Windows Mobile or Android phone, then you need to do some research before he do on the local wireless business. Your wireless service provider offers many phones at low prices or free of charge to present a new contract or contract extension, but it will not help you if you use the wrong phone number and select: you will go the full price for phones, if you pick the wrong one.

Samsung T-Mobile Sidekick 4G-2

3G third generation wireless technology provides faster data transfer of existing technologies such as 2G.
4G fourth and latest mobile phone technology. Available offers the fastest data transfer currently.
GSM is one of the major mobile phone technologies in the world. The USA are two types; on its GSM and CDMA 2G phones.

CDMA is a digital wireless technology in the U.S. by Sprint and Verizon Wireless uses ..
WCDMA Wideband Code Division Multiple Access is a third generation 3G wireless standard in the U.S. by AT & T and T-Mobile Global Positioning System GPS-enabled phones, the user can find nearby services and facilities. In emergencies, a GPS mobile phone will use force to make your location carefully. worked
quadband supports 4 different frequency bands, these bands are all over the world and enables a wireless phone in most places.


Triband supports 3 different radio frequencies. It is very important for a phone that the networks where you go to get support.

SIM Subscriber Identity Module is a small chip card, the identity of the phone stores the wireless networks used by the wearer. Also responsible for data encryption and transmission.

Android smartphone operating system runs on Linux. Android phone users can run software applications on their mobile phones. Most cell phones include unlocked mobile phone carrier locks, the use of the phone to restrict only one network carrier. An unlocked phone can work with any network with the purchase of an appropriate SIM card. be used choose your new mobile phone, select your data speed 3G or 4G these represent the speed of data transmission with 4G, the fastest. The speed you need depends on whether you’re going to have access to the Internet, or download your e-mail a lot. If you plan you want to use the Internet on your phone, then have to 4G.

GPS function is not required, but if you want the security of Appeals 911 and with them you can quickly decide this. Also, the apps for each card that you can use on your new phone.

Android phone are mini-computers, allowing you to use your phone to do too many functions only on laptops. If you are afraid to use a computer now, you’re not then decide on an Android phone. A simpler mobile phone would be best for you. Remember to fit the best mobile phone, your lifestyle and abilities so that you are satisfied select your new product.

Apple iPhone introduced a completely new user interface on a large multi-touch display and revolutionary new software. It combines the features of the three products: a mobile phone, a large screen iPod with touch controls and an Internet-enabled communication tool device with desktop-class email, web browsing and maps, all in one small device. There is a phone, music player, a video player. An Internet device and a camera to build on all 8GB or 16GB or 32GB memory.

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide review

The Apple iPhone 3G 16GB unlocked GSM phone is the most capable and feature-packed iPhone ever released. Its built-in 3G feature provide the web, the latest iPhone apps and much more faster than ever before on your mobile phone. With lots of improvements over older iPhone models, the iPhone 3G, the mobile lovers with its latest technologies such as video-enabled webcam, voice-activated calling and Channel Activation, Spotlight search, and even compass function has overwhelmed. Capture and edit video directly to your mobile phone.

Apple iPhone is available in two colors black and white. Apple iPhone with 8 gigabytes of internal memory comes in black color only, but Apple iPhone with 16 or 32 GB of internal memory comes in black and white.

There are several websites online that offer Unlocked Apple iPhone for sale at affordable prices. Taking into account the needs of their consumers, these sites offer a wide range of other phones, so they choose the best of many different styles, colors and designs. They also have free shopping on all products, and the refund of money on all products if the item is not for advertising.