List of some of the hottest 2016 Samsung smartphones in Kenya

We are in the middle of 2016, and Samsung is at it again giving us some of the best smartphone deals in Kenya. Last year a lot happened with Samsung and we saw major improvements and this year we are in for good things too. The year there has brought a lot of new things from the Samsung side and it has come with some good things.  It’s not that am in favor of everything that Samsung does; it is just that they manage to maintain a standard that is unbeatable.

I compare the Samsung smartphone to a lion in a jungle, its authority is not threatened by any other animal that comes into the jungle. It remains king even without having to roar much. It commands respect by the mere sight of it. This is the same case with the Samsung smartphone. It has maintained its class both in Kenya and the world at large. It is one of the most expensive phones in Kenya but has so many customers. What this should teach other mobile phone brands is that when it comes to a phone, what matters is the quality of the input. It is not always the price of the phone that will make it tick.

Below are some of the Samsung smartphones released in 2016 and what they bring to the table.

Samsung Galaxy A5

This is a 2016 release model that comes with the freshest features that a new year has.  Samsung Galaxy A5 has managed to get a positive response from most Kenyans; this is probably because it has some hot features that you cannot easily ignore. The screen gives you the privilege of a 5.2-inch screen. This is something that is something that is in between a comfortable smartphone and one that will give a screen that will give you a great time if you are watching something on your phone.  It is a comfortable smartphone that will not burden you. The display offers an enjoyable experience to the user. Actually, the best thing about the screen of Samsung Galaxy A5 is the fact that it is made of the corning gorilla glass that protects it from external damages that may make the screen look older than it is supposed to be.

It comes with a 2GB RAM that will make it possible to multi-task with the apps that are on your phone. This kind of RAM delivers speed at high levels and it works for Kenyans who love gaming as well as working out the apps that are on their phone. This is the ideal RAM for such tasks. The internal memory of 16GB is perfect for most smartphone users. This is because they have a lot to store and there is no point of deleting some documents in order to save more on your phone. This space is quite large and will take time before you need an external storage to store more of your documents.

A 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera gives you the experience that you have always imagined of having. This is the camera that gives you real time images with the clarity that is perfect. You can now forget the blurred selfie images. With Samsung Galaxy A5 selfies, are as good as the real thing. I think this phone has tried to give into people’s demands. In the era of smartphones, no one needs to walk with both a camera and a smartphone at the same time; we need a gadget that will do all those functions.

The only let down that the Samsung Galaxy A5 has is that it has a battery capacity of 2900mAh. This is a letdown because most of the smartphones released towards the end of 2015 had capacities of over 3000mAh. The capacity that this phone comes with is too low, in that you cannot use your phone for a whole day without needing to recharge it if you are a heavy user. If you have to travel and you are using this phone, the only solution would be having your power bank as your smartphone’s best friend. The price is quite friendly with all the amazing features that it comes with. It goes for an average of KSh40, 000 in most of the Kenyan shops.


Samsung Galaxy J3

This is a low budget Samsung smartphone that most Kenyans can afford. There is a lot that we may want from a smartphone but at the end of the day what determines what we get is our budget. Irrespective of what you may want in a phone, you will get the phone that is within your budget. This phone gives you a Samsung experience at a low coast.

I love starting with the screen size of a phone because this is what meets the eye every time you look at a phone for the first time. The display size is a 5-inch screen that is quite comfortable whenever you want to slip it into your pocket. The display is excellent and it gives quite a good time if you want to do something with your phone such as watching a movie, playing a game etc.

The camera will put a smile on your face, for a low budget such as Samsung Galaxy J3 the camera is simply amazing. It comes with an 8MP back camera and a 5MP front camera for giving you the best images that will never disappoint you. The selfies are really clear and the rear camera has an LED flash that makes it possible to take photographs under low light intensity.  The internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy A5 is 8 or 16GB is not a bad thing because you have the option of using an external memory card of up to 128GB which is capable of storing so much of your data.

It runs on the latest android version to ensure that you get the most recent updated software on your phone. One thing that Kenyans will not forget to check on their smartphone is the RAM. This one has a RAM of 1.5 GB that is capable of giving you a swift flow when it comes to using your apps. Such kind of RAM is what will make it possible for you to multitask with your phone. This is the freedom that will all want with our smartphones, that we can be able to have as many apps and still have our phones giving us a smooth time when using the various apps.

The battery is not as bad but has not been able to maintain the latest standards in terms of the battery capacity; it comes with a battery capacity of 2600mAh which can take you by but not for long without you having to charge your phone. Samsung Galaxy J3 has an average price of KSh15, 000 which is a friendly price for a Samsung smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

This smartphone is juicy, everything about it makes you desire to have it if you don’t have one already. It runs on some of the latest technologies when it comes to smartphones and I am certain that technology maniacs already own this gadget. Let me take you at a slower pace to enable you to grasp all that this phone can give to you.

Remember the curved screen design in some Samsung smartphones? Forget about those because this one is curved on both lengths of the screen. Its screen size is 5.5 inches making it more than a phone and qualifying it to a phablet. Its screen incorporates the super AMOLED panel that makes the display even better for you. The screen applies the Corning Gorilla technology that is capable of resisting all kind of pressure that may be subjected to the screen. This is a plus because the phone maintains its new look that it has for a very long time.

Have you heard of Android version 6.0? it is the new baby in town and most recent version of the Android operating system.  If you thought that the lollipop Android version was the big thing, then you are in for a surprise. This version is way smarter and cooler than the previous one.  The latest Android version means that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge can handle more and better apps, this means that you need a RAM that will cater for this. The good thing is that the RAM will not disappoint you as it comes with a 4GB RAM that is super fast. Actually, I think no word can be able to describe how fast this phone can operate with as many apps as you may want it to have.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a 12MP secondary camera and a 5MP primary camera.  This camera offers the best images that you can ever imagine. The camera is capable of taking clear photos under low light intensity; it has sensors that make the end product of this camera perfectly good. With such a provision we need a phone that has a high internal storage and this is so for this phone.  A buyer has an option between  32GB and 62GB. Of course, the higher the internal storage capacity the higher the price of the phone.  Either way both options are really good and offer a high storage capacity that may be hard to find in other phones.

The battery capacity of this phone is what will totally blow your mind off. It has a capacity of 3600mAh. I think this is among the reasons as to why most Kenyans will buy this phone.  Such a capacity will take you for a day or more if you are not a heavy user. It is the ideal smartphone that we would all love to have. It combines every imagination that may be on our mind concerning an ideal phone.

Now to the most exciting details of this phone, it is water resistant. It can stay under water with the depth of up to 1.5m for half an hour and still perform well. The next good thing is that it is also dust proof.  This means that water is not an enemy to your phone anymore; you have the freedom to use it how you want to without fear. The average price of this phone in Kenya is between Ksh70, 000-80,000. The price is high but the quality overrules the price


It is not a wonder that we continually love the Samsung smartphones year after year. I still think that if it was a boxing competition among all the smartphones in Kenya, Samsung would get the price hands down. It has the best specs and quality that you can ever want in a phone. The quality keeps on going up. I think Samsung phones will remain the best brand around and no one can differ with that fact.