Is The iPed Chinese iPad Clone Any Good? Should You Buy One?

I’ve begun to get a lot of emails this summer since these Chinese replicas have started coming out. It’s becoming pretty obvious that the iPed is becoming the front runner and is the clone which is the best known of the bunch. People have started to ask me if this model is relatively decent and worth the money. I will try to address those concerns in the following article.


Here’s the thing with the iPed’s. This terms has become a sort of catch all phrase and many sellers are selling many different models under this   same umbrella. You have to really look at and examine what you’re getting.

Because some of the earlier models have slower processors, older operating systems, and less memory. Your happiness with the knock off tablets depends on defining how much you want to spend and then defining what you want. For example, you can get a basic android knock off tablet for that is going to allow you to play videos and music, check your email, read ebooks, watch YouTube, browse the web, take notes, do word processing, etc. If this is all you need, then you’d likely be very happy with one of the cheaper models.


But, if speed, high definition, and 3G is important to you, then you may want to splurge for the rockchip iPeds which use the fastest processor. (You can see examples here.) These models are less buggy, much faster, don’t have the lag time, and can use 3G. They’re also not that much more expensive, coming in at around 0. This is still tons cheaper than the original price tag of over 0 and this version is, at least in my view, very close to the original and is manufactured by Foxconn, the same company which makes the original version.

That truly depends upon what your wants and needs are. If you are looking for a cheaper way to use the features of the original in similar housing, but you don’t want to pay a premium for the name brand, then the Chinese knock off will certainly accomplish this. The feedback and customer satisfaction on the rockchip models is quite high. With that said, people who just want a basic tablet and ebook reader are usually happy with the cheaper models if the absolute fastest speed isn’t an issue for you.

It’s important to understand that the Chinese knock offs use the open source android operating system. So, you’d be getting your applications and games from android market. Some people like that this is an open source and some don’t. Another consideration is that the clone tablets have a smaller screen at seven inches (although there are some 8 inch iPeds) rather than the 9.7 inches of the original. Some people actually like the smaller size and others don’t.


I think the real question becomes if you’re just looking for all of those features in a tiny tablet and if the status of the original is important to you. The clones can most definitely provide the features in similar housing with an open source operating system that is growing (android.) They are also a lot cheaper. I find that some people buy the clones just to play around with the features while they are waiting for the cost of the original to come down. Many times, they find they’re quite happy with their knock off and end up just keeping it. It’s my opinion that the iPed can definitely be worth buying. But it helps to identify which chip and version is most appropriate for you.

IPhone Insurance News: IPhone Bug Hits Again

This is often a circumstance we certainly have already noticed before and hopefully for Apple, it won’t go far as simple bothered consumers voicing their opinion and unhappiness. We have witnessed some reports all over again of growing number of staff becoming tardy for their work and late religious church goers turning out late also with regard to their early mass. Who can be late for mass, you ask? Well, people who have their excellent trust on their own iPhone alarm apps, that’s who. And also this has already taken place before the same as what actually transpired a year ago.

iphone insurance

Before it would appear that the popular iPhone alarm virus struck once again much like what actually transpired December of just last year creating a substantial number of early church goers to overlook their early morning devotions. That may not be as vital for some people in comparison with getting late for work as well as dismissed from your job, still these individuals have already been displaying their statements and Apple should definitely be listening.

The bug is seemingly concerning the iPhone security alarm app that was observed for being buggy although it does not impact the over-all operation with this well loved touch screen phone. The issue is that the moment Apple experienced a network issue with the existing apple iphone 4g several months after it was unveiled; a downloadable application to eliminate the issue was right away put in to utilize. They’ve furthermore attempted to court their existing users as they gave out 100 % free iPhone 4 cases only that they’ll still remain utilizing their products and never opt for refund instead.

Once more this steaming situation has almost become extinct, here comes another one that hits Apple company right where it hurts; none other than sensitive and opinionated consumers having a bad day using their iPhones. We can be sure that Steve Jobs and company will be in their war rooms and brain storming the following big move they need to make to tense up the grip for their customers least they exchange to Samsung or maybe the Windows 7 mobile phone. But if we are to base on statistics, that won’t likely occur.

There’s a rumor in which Apple company might just hand out free insurance plan for new apple iphone users in england by teaming up with a recognized **iPhone insurance supplier to ease their irritated consumers, however these are merely rumors recent. But if it were to be real, then we consider Apple could just be making a the smartest answer yet.

In england, the number of **iPhone 4 insurance procedures which are written frequently shows significant amounts of data that people are still looking to stick with their iphones inspite of the small bouts of faults. If Apple will attempt to partner with a gadget insurance company and offer away free insurance for those who will opt to change from an apple iphone to a Blackberry, then is one effective move certainly.

There might be some problems because complete insurance policy for apple iphone in the uk is usually only tied to individuals who have brand new iphones that are 6 months old. If they have acquired their iphone and experienced difficulties after 6 months, then they will clearly not be entitled.


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